Active Riding Membership

Active Riding Members at the Dobbs Ferry Volunteer Ambulance Corps are classified in three general categories: Emergency Medical Technicians, Drivers, and Aides. Each category of member has been trained by DFVAC Officers or training personnel. In addition to active riding members, we welcome volunteers to assist in administrative functions as well. Currently, our membership includes students, doctors, nurses, lawyers, accountants, police officers, career EMTs and paramedics, and many more! 



The Basic Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) is a New York state certified medical professional trained a variety of life saving skills and first aid. EMTs are the primary care taker for all patients who are treated and transported by DFVAC. Our EMTs have successfully passed a New York State EMT course and exam and have completed their required additional DFVAC training. It is not uncommon to find multiple EMT's on a single crew although one will always assume the role of crew chief during the call.

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The Driver is trained in the emergency operation of our ambulances and is responsible for the safe transport of our crews and patients. Because emergency vehicles are exempted from certain traffic laws during an emergency response, our Drivers must be knowledgeable and capable. Their ability to transport a patient and crew safely is paramount to all else. Our Drivers are also trained to use our radios and responsible for proper communication with the multiple agencies we work alongside with.

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The Aide fills a variety of positions but is generally there to assist other crew members. All Active Riding Members are required at minimum to have passed a basic training routine and to have taken an OSHA Blood borne Pathogens course. An Aide is called upon to assist the EMT with equipment, help move patients, drive the GPD ALS flycar, clean-up after a call and assure the ambulance is ready for the next call. It is not uncommon for an Aide to also be an EMT or Driver in training.

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