Emergency Medical Technician

New York State Emergency Medical Technicians are state certified first responders who have completed a NYS approved EMT course, passed the NYS practical skills examination, and passed the NYS written certification examination. Our EMTs have completed the state requirements and an additional training program with our training officers and approved members along with the required training for Drivers and Aides. While DFVAC does not currently host a EMT course in-house, DFVAC will sponsor members to attend a state certified course if all conditions are met. Contact us to learn more.


DFVAC Drivers must have a clean driving record with a Class D driver's license. In addition, they are trained by DFVAC training officers and approved members in the operation of our ambulances, radio protocols, and proper operation of the emergency lights and siren on the ambulance. Our drivers are put through a DFVAC training program which requires operators to demonstrate the ability to maneuver into tight spaces and a knowledge of the streets of Dobbs Ferry. The Drivers at DFVAC have also completed all the required training to be an Aide. Contact us to learn more.


DFVAC Aides are certified in CPR in accordance with the American Heart Association guidelines and must complete an OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens course, both of which are hosted and sponsored by DFVAC. In addition to these courses, Aides must be familiar with the operation and location of the equipment on the ambulances in order to be able to assist the EMTs and Drivers on 911 responses. Contact us to learn more.